Paving of Reclaim Streets

Currently, the contractor plans to pave the full reclaim streets on Friday, June 26. These streets include a section of 35th Avenue, Gettysburg Court, and a section of Flag Avenue. These streets are currently gravel. 

During the paving process, in general residents will have access in and out of driveways. There will be 10 - 15 minutes while the paver is working directly in front of your property that you will not be able to enter and exit the driveway. If you have any time sensitive appointments please keep an eye on the paving process. 

The contractor currently plans to begin paving at Gettysburg Circle at 7 AM on Friday, June 26. With rain predicted in the forecast, they may be delayed. If possible we will be paving tomorrow but there is a chance we could be delayed into next week.

Updates will be posted on this webpage when available. Please contact the city's project manager Megan Hedstrom at or 612-790-7698 if you have any questions about the timing of paving.