Report a Pothole

Report a Pothole
Posted on 03/14/2019
This latest mix of weather has unfortunately created near-perfect conditions for potholes to form all around New Hope.

As soon as hot-mix asphalt is available, the city's street crews will be out regularly to fill potholes.

While our team does the best they can to proactively find and fix potholes, residents can report a pothole by calling New Hope Public Works at 763.592.6777 or filling out the online form at

Please keep in mind that Bass Lake Rd (CR10), 42nd Ave N (CR9), Medicine Lake Rd (CR70), and Winnetka Ave N between Bass Lake Rd & Medicine Lake Rd (CR156) are county roads. Potholes on these streets can be reported to Hennepin County at

Here's a map to show which roads in New Hope are owned by the city, and which are owned by the county:
Black=New Hope Roads, Red=Hennepin County Roads

In case you're curious about what causes potholes to form, check out this video from the Minnesota Department of Transportation: