A Message from Police Chief Tim Hoyt

A Message from Police Chief Tim Hoyt
Posted on 04/01/2021
New Hope Community:

Our community and those reaching far beyond our borders, left reeling after the tragic death of George Floyd, are reliving the trauma as the trial of Derek Chauvin is underway in Minneapolis. We recognize the exhaustion that comes with the wide range of emotions including fear, pain, grief, uncertainty and anger. We want you to know that we remain steadfast and committed in our service to New Hope and the freedoms and safety of our residents and visitors. Our pledge, especially in the coming weeks, is to welcome and encourage discussion, questions and concerns.

Take care of yourselves. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out for help. There is a network of community organizations and non-profits available through Hennepin County. You can find the complete list under “Mental Health” at hennepin.us/residents/emergencies/community-resources.

With an open mind, we are here to listen.

Yours in service,

Tim Hoyt
Police Chief, City of New Hope