New Hope Adopts Meadow Lake Community Action Plan

New Hope Adopts Meadow Lake Community Action Plan
Posted on 03/23/2021

New Hope City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Meadow Lake Community Action Plan at its March 22 meeting.

Meadow Lake is a shallow, 12-acre lake located in northern New Hope, just northeast of Boone and Bass Lake Road abutting New Hope Village Golf Course. Currently, the condition of Meadow Lake is not compatible with supporting a balanced ecosystem. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has rated the lake as "Impaired Water" due to excessive phosphorus.

The Meadow Lake Community Action Plan (MLCAP) is a long-term plan developed by the city of New Hope and Meadow Lake Watershed Association (MLWA). It outlines goals and objectives to manage stormwater and reduce phosphorus runoff. The plan outlines actions the city, watershed, and community can take to conserve, protect, and manage the lake's long-term water quality.

Goals of the plan include:

  • Goal 1: Work to return and then maintain a clear water state in Meadow Lake
  • Goal 2: Promote a healthy and diverse population of aquatic and terrestrial species.
  • Goal 3: Create and maintain native and diverse shorelines.
  • Goal 4: Engage with the community and educate citizens about Meadow Lake.
  • Goal 5: Create a Community Coalition of watershed stakeholders to raise awareness and implement Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Each goal has a corresponding list of objectives, roles and responsibilities developed and routinely reviewed by the city and MLWA.

Follow the link below to view the plan in its entirety. 

For more information view the Meadow Lake Watershed Page