RPZ Inspection Monitoring

New Hope Enters Contract for RPZ Inspection Monitoring
Posted on 09/29/2020
New Hope City Council approved a three-year contract with Brycer, LLC at its Sept. 28 meeting for services pertaining to required monitoring and inspection of reduced pressure zone devices (RPZs) within the city.

RPZs are required backflow prevention devices that ensure water systems are not discharging pollution or contaminants into drinking or city water supply. RPZs are most commonly required for commercial and industrial uses, like underground irrigation systems and boilers, but are also installed on some residential irrigation systems. The State of Minnesota requires annual inspection and testing of all installed RPZs.

The contract with Brycer, LLC allows the company to manage and monitor required permits, inspection and testing for RPZs on behalf of the city. This will ensure that applicable permits are applied for and obtained through the city, required testing and inspection completed, and all compliance and reporting requirements are met without dedicating additional staff time to the process.