Winter Trail Plowing Expands

Winter Trail Plowing Expands
Posted on 12/05/2018
For the fourth-consecutive year, trails in New Hope parks will be plowed this winter to assist residents in utilizing the areas year-round. The parks that will be plowed in 2018-19 are Hidden Valley, Lions and Northwood Parks.

One piece of feedback the city received from the 2018 City Services Survey was that residents continue to desire more trail plowing. In response, the city will be clearing an additional section in Northwood Park this winter. The area of city trails receiving winter plowing has expanded each year since the program began in 2014.

The guidelines for winter trail maintenance in New Hope includes:

• The designated trails will normally be plowed when the measured snowfall depth exceeds three (3) inches.
• Snow removal from city streets, sidewalks and skating rinks will take precedence over trails.
• While trails will be cleared as thoroughly as possible, they won’t be maintained to bare pavement, and salt or sand will not be used for ice control. Trails may be slippery in spots and pedestrians should use caution.
• Snow removal will typically be done by park maintenance employees during normal business hours.

In the event of equipment failure, extreme snowfall or other unanticipated events (e.g. park maintenance employees assisting other public works employees in snow removal from streets, water main breaks, etc.), deviation from these guidelines may be appropriate.

See below for maps outlining the New Hope trails that will be plowed this winter.

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