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Automatic Payment

Sign up for automatic payment by registering with Invoice Cloud. Automatic payment is a no-charge service the City offers, allowing residents an efficient way to pay their monthly utility bill from the City automatically.

Automatic payments are deducted from the designated account on the payment due date. The resident controls the online autopay option. Tenants/renters should NOT sign up for these online services as the utility bill is registered to the property owner.

Please note: The account holder is responsible for updating automatic payment information to avoid additional fees such as NSF or rejected payments.

Sign Up for Automatic Payment

Enroll in automatic payment using Invoice Cloud at the link below.

When an automatic payment is successfully set up, "Pre-authorized payment of (amount) will be drawn from your bank on month/date/year" will be displayed on the top section of the monthly utility bill. Until this message is displayed on the utility bill, account holders must continue to pay the bill as usual.

Contact the utility billing department directly with questions.

Cancel or Change an Automatic Payment Plan

To cancel or change an automatic payment plan, account holders can log into their online account through the city website.

  1. Once logged into the account, select “My Profile” on the top right of the screen.
  2. Scroll to “Payment Methods” using the dropdown.
  3. Delete any old payment methods and add the updated account information. The City accepts several payment options such as debit, credit (Visa or MasterCard), and checking accounts.

It is your responsibility as the owner to update your online account with changes to your account that may impact the Automatic Payment plan. If funds are unavailable or the bank rejects the payment request, the account will be assessed an NSF fee of $30 and auto-pay will be canceled.

ACH Payments

After careful consideration, the City of New Hope has decided to discontinue the ability to add the ACH payment option to utility billing accounts through the Utility Billing Department. Those wishing to add new automatic payment using their checking account should follow the instructions above to sign up for automatic payment online. This change does not affect accounts already using the ACH payment option.

Existing ACH Payments
Going forward, account holders needing to change their existing ACH payment with a due date of the 16th must register for an online account and make the changes online.

The account holder must complete the Automatic Payment Cancellation form if they wish to cancel an existing ACH payment.


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