Court Resurfacing

Each year, some capital improvement dollars are earmarked for maintaining playable court surfaces. There is no set schedule for crack filling or resurfacing tennis and basketball courts throughout the city, but instead staff annually reviews the court surfaces at all of the parks and prioritizes maintenance based upon need and available budget.

In 2021, the following court work is expected:

  • Corner Park basketball court, 4653 47th Ave N, will be resurfaced.
  • Meadow Lake Park tennis courts, 61st and Boone avenues, will be cleaned, crack-filled and pickleball lines will be added to all three courts.
  • Civic Center Park tennis courts, 4401 Xylon Ave N, will be crack-filled.
  • Little Acre Park basketball court, 4948 Zealand Ave N, will be fully reconstructed with new basketball hoops installed. The court was built more than 30 years ago and has had varying levels of repair over the years. Soils beneath the court surface and age of the asphalt have led to repeated cracking and peeling of the court surface and it was identified for replacement in 2021. As part of the court replacement, new hoops will also be installed.

Estimated timeline (weather depending):

  • End of May-early June - removal of the existing court and hoops
  • End of June-early July - court will be rebuilt and paved
  • End of July - final painting of the court (new court must sit for approximately 28 days before paint can be applied)
  • Final grass restoration will be done early fall