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UPDATE: City of New Hope Suspends Non-essential Operations


Effective March 18th, 2020 the City of New Hope Police Department along with other city departments will suspend non-essential operations. This is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Stay at Home Executive Order. Rest assured the New Hope Police Department will continue to patrol the city, respond to emergencies and police incidents, and investigate cases.


These measures will be in effect through May 3rd, 2020.


Please note the following:


Police, Fire, and EMS services continue to be staffed. 


All city facilities, including the Police Department lobby will be closed. We strongly encourage the use of phone reporting for incidents that don't need an immediate response (e.g., theft, damage to property, and incidents not in-progress.)


The PD front vestibule is open 24-hours and has a phone to request to speak to an officer or make a report.

Many of our public outreach programs will be temporarily curtailed and public fingerprinting has been suspended.

For information on the temporary procedures in place for Permit to Purchase Firearm applications, click the link below. 
-Temporary Permit to Purchase Information

Here are a few things we are NOT proactively going to do during the Stay at Home period:
-Stop and inquire of people why they are out, where they are going, or what their destination is. 
-Enforcing 6-foot distance requirements between small groups of people. 
-Close city parks. 

We encourage out community to abide by the spirit of the order, to include limiting contact with groups of people and limiting unnecessary travel where possible. Know that we are aggressively focusing our resources exclusively to protecting the homes and businesses of New Hope. 

Our Phone Numbers:


911 for emergency and non-emergency police response


952-258-5321 (dispatch) for questions and/or to request a phone call from an officer to make a report over the phone


763-531-5170 police records office (limited hours)


763-531-5169 Tip Line


More Information:

Additional information about other city functions and services can be found in the full announcement by clicking here.

Additional information on the Stay at Home Executive Order issued by the Governor click here to be taken to the State website. 



New Hope Police Squad Car

Message From The Chief 

Chief FournierOn behalf of the men and women of the New Hope Police Department, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our web site. The New Hope Police Department is comprised of sworn and civilian personnel who are both professional and proactive in their delivery of police services to our community. It is the goal of our agency to be a progressive, community-oriented police department, utilizing the most contemporary and effective practices in crime fighting and police management. Our pursuit of excellence is never ending.

The New Hope Police Department has forged a police-community partnership based on courtesy, professionalism, and respect. Our effective and efficient delivery of police services allows residents and visitors to enjoy an excellent quality of life. 

I hope you enjoy our web site and we encourage any input that you may have that could be used to improve our ability to provide quality police service. 

Tim Fournier 
Chief of Police


New Hope Police Department
4401 Xylon Avenue North
New Hope, MN 55428



Non-Emergency Dispatch:



Fax: 763-531-5174

Office Hours:

8am to 6pm Monday-Friday
10am-2pm Saturday
CLOSED Sundays and Holidays

Permit to Purchase Applications Accepted:

8am-4pm Monday-Friday