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Water Service Line Inventory

New Hope is taking steps to ensure the safety of our community by reducing lead exposure in the water system. As per the regulations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under its Lead and Copper Rule, municipalities are required to conduct an inventory of residential water service lines to minimize the presence of lead in the water system. As part of the new federal requirements, the City of New Hope is compiling an inventory of each water service line in the city to determine the pipe’s composition and to see if it is lead, galvanized steel, non-lead or unknown.

PLEASE NOTE: The drinking water provided to New Hope residents does not contain lead.

What is a service line?
A service line is the pipe that connects the water main on your street to your property and the piping inside of your home. Property owners are responsible for maintaining water service lines from the main into the home. If your service pipe is identified as lead or galvanized steel, it will eventually need to be replaced.

Why is lead a problem?
Lead is a hazardous substance that can cause harm to almost every organ and system in the body. Children and infants are at a higher risk of lead exposure, and even a small amount of lead can have a significant impact on them.

How does lead get into drinking water?
Lead can enter drinking water when pipes, plumbing fixtures and lead-based solder corrode. These materials were commonly used before 1986.

What is the inventory?
The City is inventorying all water service lines in New Hope using tools such as historic records, visual identification and documentation from replacement projects. The completed inventory will be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Health in October 2024. WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE.

Complete the Water Service Line Inventory Survey

New Hope residents are requested to complete the water service line survey by visiting or scanning the QR code below. The survey will ask for contact information, pipe information and a photo of the service line where it meets the water meter. The water meter is usually found in the basement utility room, crawl space or near an exterior tap. We urge you to complete the survey as soon as possible.

Questions? Contact the New Hope Public Works Department 763.592.6766.

QR code for Water Service Line Inventory
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